Top 10 Luxury Trains in the World

Top 10 Luxury Trains in the World

There is no doubt about the importance of Trains and how they contribute to a Nations’ welfare.

Connecting locations that are nearly impossible to access, these workhorses are the backbone to our economy. Having said this, what If we told you that there are quite a few of them that paint a brilliant picture of luxury, class and elegance!

These brilliant locomotives have their presence across the globe, including India. Each one of them promises to take you on an enchanting voyage through fascinating landscapes and the best destinations that you could think of!

Venice-Simplon Orient Express, Europe


Venice Simplon Orient Express is synonymous with a truly unique travel experience, which is complemented by the unsurpassed personal service. As you travel on the Venice- Simplon Orient Express, you could experience stepping back in the 1920s.

In the three dining cars, there are generous armchair seats provided for the guests. Apart from this, the quality of service and food makes this luxury train stand distinguished.

The cabins are provided with comfortable upper and lower beds.

The bar car is the social hub of the train. The guests could enjoy and start a conversation with other co-passengers. A pianist is also available for entertainment. A small shop available on board allows guests to buy tasteful souvenirs.

In the restaurant car, refined French cuisine is served. The restaurant complies with the Michelin-star standard. To ensure a royal treatment, the meals are served with silverware, crystal glass and starched napery.

Rovos Rail, Africa


Rovos Rail is a luxury train of Africa, which has combined the golden era of rail travel with the modern convenience, creating an unforgettable and extravagant elegance of yesteryears. This experience is not to be missed as the journey beings in the magnificent Edwardian-styled departure room, to the unforgettable time spent onboard the opulent Rovos Rail.

Modern conveniences and comfort are available in the suites, along with fittings and facilities of the highest standard. However, the levels of luxury vary from suite to suite. The suites are also equipped with a personal safe for valuables and a writing area. Along with 24-hour room service, the guests on board are also facilitated with the facility of a mini bar filled with selected beverages.

The dining car is designed with Victorian setting, with sparkling glass and silver, crisp linen and seamless service. The dinner is complemented by excellent South Africa wines.

Palace on Wheels, Rajasthan

palace on wheels

There are 14 salons that can accommodate upto 88 guests. The salons are named after the erstwhile princely states of India such as Alwar, Bikaner, Bharatpur, Bundi, Dungarpur, Dholpur, Jaipur, Jhalawar, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Kota, Kishangarh, Udaipur, and Sirohi.

Each salon is tastefully designed with miniature paintings, furnishings, upholstery and mirror work, all reflecting a distinctive aura of royalty. There are 4 coupes (sleeping rooms) in each salon, with an attached toilet. To take care of the personal needs of the guests onboard, there is a salon captain valet and an attendant ‘Khidmatgar’ in every salon. Moreover, there is also a mini pantry, equipped properly to provide coffee, tea and snacks.

There are two restaurants onboard, namely Maharaja Restaurant and Maharani Restaurant. These restaurants serve table d’hôte meals, which tickle the tastebuds of our guests.

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada


If you want to experience the warm Canadian hospitality first hand on train travel, Rocky Mountaineer is the best answer to it. The guests could choose from routes such as GoldLeaf Service, SilverLeaf Service, or RedLeaf Service and Whistler.

In 2013, Rocky Mountaineer introduced a new route, Coastal Passage, which connects Seattle to the Canadian Rockies. This could be made as an extension to any rail journey of two-days or more.

The GoldLeaf Service is synonymous with luxury and comfort at par. Features such as deluxe accommodation, exclusive dining room, gourmet hot meals and complimentary beverages and snacks mark this service as the most popular.

With SilverLeaf Service, the guests could enjoy the scenery through the windows of the custom-designed, single level glass dome coach. The guests can enjoy sumptuous breakfast and lunch at their respective seat. Along with this, complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages are also served. The guests are also provided with the facility of overnight hotel accommodation.

Maharajas Express, India


Maharajas Express has been voted as “The World’s Leading Luxury Train” at The World Travel Awards, 2012. The onboard accommodation, dining facilities, service, and off-train excursion program are some of the considered parameters. Maharajas Express also bagged the first runner up award at Conde Nast Travellers Reader Choice Travel Award in the Specialist Train Operators Category in 2011.

The train features two restaurants to tickle the tastebuds of the guests onboard. “Mayur Mahal” and “Rang Mahal” are the two restaurants that leave the guests spellbound with its amazing hand painted fresco ceiling. At any given time, the restaurants can accommodate up to 42 guests.

Apart from restaurants, the luxury travel carriage also features two bars for the guests who enjoy drinking over a friendly conversation. ‘The Rajah Club’ is a lounge bar and ‘Safari Bar’ is a thematic bar, both designed to provide relaxed and comfortable sitting arrangement along with complementing the fine range of spirits and wines.

Eastern and Oriental Express, Southeast Asia

Belmond Eastern & Orient Express dining car

The Eastern and Oriental Express is the praiseworthy luxury train, which takes its guests across beautiful landscapes. The sojourn of 1200 miles through Thailand, Malaysia and Laos includes mountains, fascinating towns, forests, and golden temples, which create a wealthy tapestry of life.

The well-appointed compartments are categorised as Pullman, State and Presidential Cabins. To meet the specific requirements of the guests onboard, the cabins are equipped with all ultramodern facilities and services. The interiors also reflect the unspoilt element of luxury with walls with cherry wood and elm burr panelled, beautified with decorative intricate inlays and marquetry. The beds could be folded for comfortable seating during the day.

Breakfast and afternoon tea are served in the respective compartments of the guests. For lunch and dinner onboard, there are two restaurant cars featured on the train. The restaurants are lavishly decorated using elm and rosewood paneling. The chefs, appointed onboard, are praised for their skill to create a tantalizing range of Eastern and European delicacies. There also is the Observation car, where the guests could enjoy the beautiful scenery complemented by coffee or tea.

Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express, Russia


Golden Eagle Trans Siberian Express is praised for being the greatest rail journey of the world. This luxury train connects east and west from Moscow over the Urals. The journey makes the guests witness the magnificent and endless steppe and the shore of the largest freshwater lake of the world, along the sides. To meet the specific preferences of the guests, the accommodation compartments are categorised as Imperial Suites, Imperial Suites Stats, Gold Class, and Silver Class.

The luxury train also features Ornate Bar Car, which is considered as a social centre. For the entertainment of the guests, there is a piano and pianist. For the guests in Gold and Imperial class accommodation, there are bar drinks included as a standard bar list and a premium bar list, respectively. For the guests in Silver Class, the drinks are additional.

Royal Scotsman, Scotland


Royal Scotsman luxury train travel is praised for taking its guests to the heart of the highlands. The landscapes of pine-clad mountains and their reflection in mirror-still lochs serve a breathtaking view for the guests on board. With 36 guests in total, the train assures of the most personal travel experience.

The luxury train also features an Observation Car where the guests could enjoy the sights of the spectacular Highlands scenery. As the train takes you through the past castles, glens and villages, enjoy the sight by settling gradually on comfortable sofas and armchairs. A veranda is also available for the guests wanting to enjoy open-air views.

Thereafter, dining on board is always a major highlight. Sumptuous meals, throughout the journey, are served in the mahogany-panelled Restaurant Cars. There are large tables of six or eight are arranged to allow the guests to enjoy meal in groups of four or more. The guests could also savour a range of fine wines, malt whiskeys and liqueurs available in the extensive cellar on board.

The Chepe, Mexico


The magnificent railroad journey of the Chepe, on the most spectacular route of the world, takes its guests across the natural landscapes. Along with this, the guests also get the opportunity to get close to the Raramuri culture. Raramuri culture is the most ancient and best preserved within Mexico. In 1961, after 11 years of planning and construction, the Chepe began its journey. About 405 mile route (twice daily) is traveled by the train, crossing the Tarahumara Sierra and other major tourist attractions.

The Chepe has 2 classes of service, namely, Primera Express (First Class) and Clase Económica (Economy Class). The Primera Express train departs at 6:00 am from Los Mochis, whereas the Clase Económica train departs 1 hour later. The major difference between the two classes is the spacing of the seats and comfort. Along with this, the Clase Económica train makes extra stops along the route upon the request of the passengers on board.

There are 2 or 3 passenger cars (64 seats each) in the Primera Express train. A dining car with meals and bar service is also available for the guests. On the other hand, Clase Económica train has 3 or 4 passenger cars (68 seats each), and a “snack car” to offer fast food to the guests. Air conditioning and heating system are available in both the classes. Additionally, ecological toilets and reclining seats are also featured in both. Further, to make the train travel more enjoyable and comfortable for the guests, a porter is available to attend to the guests on board.

The Ghan, Australia


The Ghan, synonymous with outback Australia, is an engineering marvel. This luxury train travels through Adelaide all the way to the Darwin. The rail line is 2,979 km long and the guests onboard enjoy the journey through the soul and the heart of the mysterious interior of Australia. In order to cater the best travel experience, the classes of service is categories as Platinum, Gold and Red.

The Platinum Service, being the highest class of service, available on The Ghan let the passengers enjoy private cabins with en suite and full amenities. Along with this, complimentary continental breakfast, on-call Cabin Steward Service, oversized windows for panoramic views, and in-cabin menu is also available in Platinum service. For upscale dining, the Queen Adelaide Restaurant Car is also available, which offers 2 meal sittings per evening.

The Gold Service assures stylish sleeper accommodation onboard. The guests onboard enjoy either a larger Superior Cabin with a 3/4-size double bed or Twin Berth Sleeper Cabin. The cost of fare also includes meals. Passengers in the Superior Cabin enjoy a roomy double-sized cabin featuring an in-room mini bar, and the cost of fare includes an access to the Restaurant car with meals. The guests also enjoy optional room service meals. The guests in the Twin Berth Sleeper also have the access to the Restaurant Car, complimentary coffee and tea, and also may buy alcoholic beverages on board.

Pillows and blankets are available for purchase. In the Sleeper Cabins, there are twin share day berths, which could be converted into twin sleeping berths at night. The cabins also feature wash basin facilities and amenities, along with access to the Red Service Diner. For the Red Service passengers, full shower facilities are available at the each carriage’s end.


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