Top 5 Amazing Female Poker Players

Top 5 Amazing Female Poker Players

Poker is no longer the “boys club” like in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Women such as Maria Kirloskar, Muskan Sethi and Nikita Luther opened the door for women to enjoy the game of poker and now there are many that are dominating the game.

Each passing year, more and more women are achieving notable success in the poker world. Many talented female players have broken through the glass ceiling of the once male-dominated game to win prestigious tournaments and become household names in the world of poker. This probably explains why the game of poker is becoming more and more popular among women both online, and at live poker tournaments such as the Deltin Poker Tournament.

Here’s our list of the top five supremely talented female poker pros making a name for themselves on the circuit.

Nikita Luther Top Female Poker Player

Nikita Luther

  1. Nikita Luther: A name celebrated on the poker scene for almost seven years in the Delhi circuit, Nikita is known for her aggressive approach on the table. She started playing during college and has now been playing for almost 5 to 6 years. Having a stellar talent for the mind game, Nikita has achieved great laurels for her game. She recently created history by becoming the first Indian female to win an International Poker Title at the Macau Poker Cup tournament. Besides these big wins, she has won the Deltin Poker Tour August edition warm up event – held in Goa and also claimed the trophy at the 5k Ladies Finale Event at the India Poker Championship 2015. Nikita also aspires to win a WSOP bracelet someday. Apart from making a killing at poker, she loves to read, wants to travel more, and enjoys playing pool.
Muskaan Sethi Poker Player India

Muskan Sethi

  1. Muskan Sethi: Started off at the age of twelve watching games with her father and by now has been a part of multiple live and online tournaments. While The Amazon Room in Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino is her favourite place to play, she’s also played The Holland Casino poker room in Amsterdam, Bellagio Poker Room, and finished fourth place in a small tournament at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas. Vanessa Selbest, Phil Ivey, and Liv Boeree are some of her poker idols.
Maria Kirloskar Poker Player India

Maria Kirloskar

  1. Maria Kirloskar: Also known as ‘the dragon lady’ in the circle, Maria has been playing for almost eight years now and has attended almost all major offline and online tournaments across the country. Her day job requires  Maria to provide Sales Intelligence and related business research services to companies around the world on behalf of Marika Research. Maria has also co-authored the book “Leading with Knowledge: Knowledge Management Practices in Global Infotech Companies”, edited by Dr.Madanmohan Rao and published by Tata-McGraw Hill (2003).
mandira Singh Poker Player

Mandira Singh

  1. Mandira Singh: She is a part of the established Indian poker circuit team called ‘PokerHigh’. Her consistency in the game has made her someone to watch out for. Her skills make it plain to players present on her table that she is not someone to mess with. She’s been part of many online and live tournaments in Goa.
niharika Bindra Poker Player India

Niharika Bindra

  1. Niharika Bindra: has been on the poker scene for seven years, winning live tournaments in Goa and the PokerStars. Initially exposed to poker as a  Diwali tradition during her childhood, she soon tasted the pull of a full blown poker experience, which she got during her first tournament in the Delhi. She’s has participated in several tournaments in Goa, Bangalore and Atlantic City. Apart from poker, she owns a fashion store called Scarlett that stocks designer labels for women in Meharchand Market, Delhi.

These are just some of the most talented female poker players around today, and we’re hoping to add a few more names to this prestigious list after our next edition of the Deltin Poker Tournament, happening on the 19th to the 24th of April. All poker tables could do with more women players, is what we believe! Register here or tell your friends to.


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