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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Luxury Travellers

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Luxury Travellers

What is the hardest job in the world?

Some would say advertising, while others would say investment banking, but guess what, they’re all wrong!

We think that the hardest job in the world is buying somebody a gift. First of all, you’ve got to make sure that the person you’re getting one for actually will like it. Secondly, you lose money in the process, so there’s more pressure to make it count.

So, what kind of person do you need to get a gift for? We may not be able to help you out with that, what we can help you out with however, is getting a gift for a friend who prefers to be a luxury traveler. For the sake of ease, let’s refer to this person as a ‘wanderluster’. If you know a wanderluster, then we highly recommend gifting him or her something from our curated list.

  • Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears


Just when you thought that gummy bears couldn’t get any better, you now have the option of buying your wanderluster champagne flavoured ones! Infused with Dom Perignon vintage champagne, these gummy bears will surely be a treat!


  • Jo Malone Christmas Miniature Candle Collection


There’s nothing more delightful than scented candles. Each candle in this miniature collection has a different flavour, meaning that you have 5 different scents for 5 different moods. Now this is something that one would want to save up for, making it a very worthy gift.


  • ghd Copper Luxe Dry & Style Deluxe Gift Set


For a girl on the go, there’s nothing better than this chic and trendy set of accessories for hair styling- one for drying and one for curling and straightening hair. Make somebody’s day by gifting them one of these!

  • Common Ground Shoes


Change the world, one pair of shoes at a time.

The advantage of buying these shoes? They donate 2.5 % of sales to organisations that promote empathy and contribute to social progress.


  • Lincoln + Lenox Peacock Scarf


This Cashmere peacock scarf is going to be in fashion regardless of where your wanderluster friend goes. Designed by Amy Hayes, it is a part of an online shop where designer goods and experiential luxury travel combine.

  • Sofia- Cashmere Cable Knit Travel Set


There’s nothing like a comfortable plane ride. Unfortunately, most plane rides need certain accessories to augment how comfortable they can be. This travel kit is one of those accessories. It is a practical gift for a practical globe-trotter.

  • Hermes Perfume Refillable Lock Spray


 It’s a great smelling perfume in a great looking bottle- what more could one possibly want in a perfume?


  • Rimowa Topas Cabin 22” Multiwheel suitcase


If you know a wanderluster who’s into vintage stuff, then this would be the perfect gift! It’s solid, beautiful and stands out from a herd of black and boring suitcases.

  • Valentino Rockstud Ballerina Flaps


Every girl needs her comfort wear for long journeys, and that’s why one of these is perfect for travel!

Which of these items is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!



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