Waterfront Luxpresso

Waterfront Luxpresso

Imagine emerald backwaters that gently waltz their way into the classic white shores. It’s a very reinvigorating image, isn’t it?

It’s no secret that one of the best places to wind down and enjoy your holiday is by the waterfront. The scenery, the breeze and being able to gaze at an empty horizon; these are just a few of the many things that makes relaxing by the waterfront a unique experience.

Check out our list of 8 waterfront hotels that you absolutely should visit on your next holiday.


1. The Chanler at Cliff Walk- Rhode Island, USA


The Chanler at Cliff Walk resembles one of those neatly made colonial houses that you’d imagine were scattered around Rhode Island in the 19th century. If that’s your initial impression on this mansion, then you are spot on! This European styled 19th century mansion is equipped with upto 20 guest rooms, each one done up in its own way. With fireplaces as well as stone bathrooms in each room, we think that this embellished mansion is perfect for somebody who is looking for an old- fashioned laidback couple of days.


2. Castle Hill Inn- Rhode Island, USA


The view that the Castle Hill Inn gives you is truly scintillating. While it seems like a destination that is ideal for a wedding, it is also the place to go to enjoy an old fashioned English summer by the waterfront. English summer in Rhode Island, USA, that is.


3. Stephanie Inn- Cannon Beach, USA


This is the kind of place you’d look at a picture of and imagine the sound of the waves complemented by the cawing of seagulls. Now imagine living here for a couple of nights! Stephanie inn is best described as an elegant summerhouse that is neither overdone nor underdone. In other words- it’s perfect! Its 41 luxury rooms supposedly are just 28 steps from the beach (distance may vary according to your foot size).


4. Fairmont Kea Lani- Maui, Hawaii


Unlike the previous waterfront hotels mentioned on this list, Fairmont Kea Lani doesn’t just give you an outhouse by the sea kind of vibe; it is in fact best described as a luxury communal area by the sea. So what makes it so special apart from the fact that is in Hawaii? Well, it is also home to one of Hawaii’s best spas and restaurants and comes complete with 3 swimming pools, beach activities and nearby championship golf, among other things.


5. Amanyara- Turks & Caicos Islands


Located on the Turks & Caicos Islands, just South-East of the Bahamas, it is probably very apt that this particular hotel is named after the Sanskrit words for peace. It has 20 villas and 38 timber shingled pavilions just walking distance from the beach. If tranquility is the state of mind that you are looking for, then Amanyara is the place that you should go to.


6. Hotel Santa Caterina- Amalfi, Italy


Hotel Santa Caterina sounds really good when you say it in an Italian accent, but hey, it looks really good too! This hotel is a timeless beauty that has attracted the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, so don’t be surprised if you find somebody famous lounging by the seaside in case you do decide to visit. Overlooking the Bay of Salerno, this hotel is known for its friendly staff and spacious rooms with lavish antique interiors. It’s the perfect place for a blossoming romance!


7. Al Cielo, Mexico


If you’re looking for a different yet ravishing experience by the seaside, then you should visit Al Cielo in Mexico. It offers an intimate waterfront experience and is best described as a quaint holiday destination for the adventurous. The hotel is fitted with rustic rooms, each named after a different element of nature. Rest assured, you can be certain that there is a long waiting list to book a room here.


8. Amankila- Bali, Indonesia

Amankila in Bali is one of those ideal waterfront destinations that comes equipped with infinity pools so that you can admire the water while you are in water. Apart from the luxurious rooms and waterside lounging huts, Amankila’s design and architecture is truly unique- with the main area consisting of a three-tiered pool tumbling down the hillside like a cascading rice field.


Which one of the above waterfront hotels is first on your go-to list? Let us know in the comments below!



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