The Wealthiest Individual of All Time

The Wealthiest Individual of All Time

Being remembered as one of the richest men of all time hundreds of years after your death is quite an achievement, also meaning that you’d have to be pretty damn rich for people to remember you centuries later.

The man that we are about to tell you about is known for more than how rich he was. For instance, it is believed that 0.5% of the world’s population has his genes, owing to his …er…. notorious ways.

He is also known for having conquered 12 million square miles of land, stretching from China to Europe.

The man we are talking about ladies and gentlemen, is Genghis Khan.


Genghis Khan had riches that even today 99.9% of the people would not be able to match. His wealth was in the form of land, lots and lots of land. As of 1279, this was how much land it was.


Now as you may know, land is the costliest source of wealth. In fact, if we were to evaluate Genghis’ wealth in modern terms, we would get a figure of close to $ 100 Trillion!

Genghis’ richness is also in another form- influence. He is hailed, even till date, to be one of the most influential leaders of all time. To put this into perspective- Alexander The Great’s empire collapsed after his demise. Genghis’ empire on the other hand, collapsed 400 years after his demise! So, what was the reason for such influence? Well, there are two reasons. One was the fact that Genghis came from a rustic lifestyle, meaning that he never splurged or wasted his wealth. Every time he conquered land, the booty was equally divided among all the members of his empire. Whenever Genghis won, everybody in the empire won. It is this simple formula that made him so popular and influential.

The second reason for his influence is that people could relate to him since he was at heart one of them. He cared for the Mongol people and himself is a rags to riches story.


So all in all, we have $100 Trillion dollars, 12 million square feet of land, and an empire that lasted for more than 400 years. Need we tell you more about why Genghis Khan is considered to be one of the wealthiest individuals of all time?

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