Weapons & Bombs That Cost a Bomb! Quite Literally  

Weapons & Bombs That Cost a Bomb! Quite Literally  

We’re at the phase in time, where it is said that every sovereign country in the world has at-least 10 nuclear weapons in its arsenal. Not just nukes, many countries have gone ahead to equip themselves with an even more expensive & dangerous counterpart- The H Bomb. Billions spent in material excavation, research & development, production & testing costs ring up quite a tall order. The result? Weapons & bombs that literally cost a bomb!



1. Trident II Missile



Developed by Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT), the Trident II is the latest and most advanced version of the U.S. Navy’s ballistic missiles. It’s the most used submarines to be used by the British Navy and is fit for them as well. It’s very large missile of about 44 feet and its weight is 80,000 kg’s, heavy and powerful. Equipped with a three-stage rocket, the missile is capable of traveling at more than 13,000 miles/hr and has a range of around 4,600 miles! The Department of Defense currently has 561 Tridents on the budget, each worth more than $65 million, not counting research and development costs. You do the math.


2. The Kill Weapon



The Chinese navy has long been said to have been developing a super-secret & massive weapon, with the ability of destroying U.S. naval vessels not only with stealth, but from long ranges as well. Beyond the size and destructive capability of these ‘kill weapons,’ they are also speculated to be highly undetectable to radar due to the missiles’ high maneuverability. Furthermore, the missiles being developed are capable of carrying a large enough warhead that they would inflict exceptional damage to an American war craft, with some even speculating that one of these bad boys could sink a U.S. super aircraft carrier! At $40 billion, that’s the least they could expect.


3. The Railgun



The rumors are true! The U.S army is indeed in possession of this next level in weaponry called ‘The Railgun’. It’s an electrically charged and powered massive projectile launcher, with technology that can theoretically aid in launching aircraft into space. The technology to fully support the Railgun is still being developed by the U.S. Navy, in particular, the need to equip naval vessels with battery power that can support the weapon, as well as the necessity of developing Railgun technology itself to slow down the speed at which the weapon erodes. It’s rumored that it took the DOD $65 billion to develop this technology. As a potential weapon, the Railgun has been built and tested to fire non-explosive ordinance at extremely high speeds, faster than the speed of sound so that someday it can be used as anti-aircraft and anti-missile weaponry. This weapon of the future is firmly in the sights of the military, and there are hopes to fully equip ships by 2025.


4. Free Electron Laser



Another marvel invented by the U.S navy is the Free Electron Laser, evident of their obsession into harnessing laser technology. Its purpose is simple, to be a primary weapon to shoot down missiles, rockets and enemy aircraft. While this type of laser has been used in many non-military fields for years, the U.S. Navy has only recently commissioned contracts to build prototypes of the weapon. Beyond the abilities of the laser system, which runs on high speed electrons running through a magnetic tube, the laser will be capable of sensing, tracking and targeting the enemy as well as sharing information with command! As of now(officially at-least) there has only been one prototype demonstration, with an operational prototype expected to be available by early 2018. The development cost is said to be around $72 billion.


5. MAHEM – Magneto Hydrodynamic Explosive Munition



Not much is known about this top-secret classified project. A wikileaks document described it as “Inspired by one of the weapons in Arthur C. Clarke’s novel ‘Earthlight’, the MAHEM has been designed to use magnetic fields to propel either a narrow jet of molten metal or a chunk of molten metal, which will then form an aerodynamic slug during flight. This weapon could come in handy in combat involving tanks and missiles. The government is rumored to have spent almost $80 billion in just the R&D phase”


6. Virginia Class Submarine



It’s basically a nuclear submarine, 377 feet long and weighing is almost 7800 tons. How’s that for size? The Virginia Class submarines are arguably the most advanced nuclear subs in the world with almost 38 different types of weapons in it which are the latest possessed by the U.S army. While eight are currently in operation, the Department of Defense has 30 of these $2.5 billion subs budgeted. These submarines are already in the oceans and are cause of their enemy’s nightmares The price of this huge submarine is a staggering $83.7 billion.


7. F-35 Lightning II



Introducing the pride & might of the U.S, their most expensive project ever (at-least that’s what they say) still in the stage of development, the F-35. It’s being made to perform many important functions and roles, coupled with latest technology and sensor system so that it can break the sound of air. Three versions of this jet are to be made featuring short landings and takeoffs. It’s the most expensive jet & fighter aircraft, and its cost? A staggering $326.5 billion.

After reading the above, we’re sure you can now relate to how the idiom, ‘Costs a bomb’ came to be. Don’t worry, superpowers all over the world are already working on more expensive weapons, and at this pace, our article might soon need a part two! Know of any such missiles & bombs that can top this list? Comment down below and your answer just might make a worthy addition to this list!





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