What to splurge on when on a vacation

What to splurge on when on a vacation

Summers are the perfect time to embark on a family vacation. However, planning a vacation for an entire family can get expensive. A vacation involving four to five people can take a major chunk out of the family’s budget. We’ve compiled a list of the things you can splurge on and still stay within budget.


1. Making memories

Whether it is a ride on a hot air balloon with your wife and two kids or snorkeling in the deep sea, the one thing you should not think twice about while spending on a vacation is an adventurous activity. A family that has fun together makes memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Apart from making great photographs, such activities will also inculcate a sense of thrill and fearlessness within your children.


2. Direct flights

It is always tempting to book the cheapest tickets while flying somewhere. Flights that offer relatively low air-fares take a stop or two before reaching the final destination. Unnecessarily lengthy trips can waste time and can get the kids irritable even before the vacation starts. Therefore, it is always advisable to keep a little leeway in your budget when it comes to travelling by air.

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3. Local food

Don’t fly half way across the world to scout for restaurants that serve food that is cooked at home. Instead, encourage your children to try the local cuisine. This way, they will not only develop a taste for all kinds of food but they will also grow up to be more accepting of different cultures.


4. Lesser known destinations

Everybody makes a trip to the Eiffel tower when in Paris. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is important to go beyond the famous tourist spots and experience the country like a traveler. For example, the La Conciergerie is one of France’s finest structures that best evokes the French Revolution. If your family is filled with curious travelers, hunting for lesser known destinations and making a picnic out of it can be a great way for family bonding.


5. Accommodation

If your hotel isn’t up to the mark, it can kill the charm of a vacation. When we say splurge, we aren’t referring to 7 star or even 5 star hotels. What we mean is a hotel that offers decent breakfast and is equipped with comfortable beds and clean bathrooms. Saving a few thousands on accommodation is not worth it as the hotel you choose is going to be your nest and retreat spot for the next couple of days.


Annual vacations are a great way of connecting with your family and making memories that go beyond pretty photographs. It is therefore important to set aside a yearly budget for these holidays and splurge a little on your family.





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