World’s Richest Kids as of 2017!

World’s Richest Kids as of 2017!

While most kids spend their time being schooled to get a job and make a living, there are a lucky few who are gnawing on silver spoons even before they are out of their adolescence. Here’s a list of the world’s wealthiest kids as of 2017!


Rico as Manny in ABC sitcom Modern Family

Rico as Manny in ABC sitcom Modern Family

RICO RODRIGUEZ – Net worth $4.5 million

Rico Rodriguez recently turned 18 but he got his big break at the age of 11, when he was cast in the ABC sitcom Modern Family, which proceeded to become one of the most popular tv shows on TV. He caught the acting bug as an 8-year old when his older sister Raini began landing small roles in films and television. Since Modern Family first aired in 2009, Rico has won 9 awards for his role as Gloria’s son- Manny. The young actor also wrote a book called ‘Reel Life Lessons – So far’ in 2012. Rico’s hard work and dedication to his craft paid off as he currently holds a net-worth of $4.5 million.


Jaden Smith as on 2016 (Source - Tumblr)

Jaden Smith – 2015

JADEN SMITH – Net worth $8 million

Jaden Smith has the advantage of being the son of the one of the wealthiest and most bankable stars on the planet- Will Smith. But he certainly hasn’t let it hold him back from blazing his own trail! He began his acting career at the tender age of 8, alongside his father in the film – The Pursuit of Happiness, and has since enjoyed a successful acting career in film and TV. Aside from starring in big-budget ventures such as ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’, ‘The Karate Kid’, and ‘After Earth’, Jaden also launched his own clothing line in 2013, and has dabbled with music as well. He’s been featured on hit singles by Justin Bieber, the Black Eyed Peas, and Childish Gambino among others. In 2012 he released his first solo mixtape ‘the Cool Cafe – Cool Tape Volume 1’. An EP titled ‘This is the Album’ followed in 2015, and he’s currently working on his first full length release. Given his mega star parents, Jaden Smith could easily afford to never work a day in his life, but he has shown determination to make his own way as an artist and entrepreneur and currently has a personal net-worth of $8 million dollars.


Melinda and Bill with their children Rory, Jennifer and Phoebe (Source - Daily mail)

Melinda and Bill with their children Rory, Jennifer and Phoebe (pictured with Paul Farmer)

JENIFFER, PHOEBE, & RORY GATES – Net worth $10 million each

You might think that the children of Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft and one of the richest men in the world, would be looking forward to a ridiculously large inheritance, but you’d be wrong. The famously charitable Gates has pledged to leave all of his estimated $76 billion dollar fortune to charity when he dies. His kids Jeniffer (20), Rory (17), and Phoebe (14) are apparently just fine with it. Bill told Business Insider in 2016 that the children have travelled with him to see how his charitable donations are put to good use, and are proud of his decision to use his fortune to help the poor. Bill has also said that he believes that it doesn’t do children any favours to give them huge amounts of money, saying that it distorts their worldview while discouraging any contribution they may make  to society otherwise. Nevertheless, Bill and his wife Melinda have pledged to give their children a relatively small inheritance of $10 million each.



Now nine years old, Suri Cruise has been living in New York with her mother

SURI CRUISE – Her wardrobe alone is worth $3 million

Despite his odd public behaviour and commitment to scientology, Tom Cruise has been one of the biggest Hollywood stars on the planet for over 20 years. His breakout 80’s roles in films such as ‘Risky Business’, and ‘All The Right Moves’ led to a string of blockbuster hits in the 90’s and into the new millennium, including a lead role in the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise. While he has 2 adult children from his marriage to Nicole Kidman, it was the birth of daughter Suri in 2006 created a media frenzy. His relationship with actress Katie Holmes has been widely publicised and Suri has attracted media attention since the day she was born. TomKat married shortly after Suri’s birth but divorced in 2012. While Suri has no income of her own, being only 10 years of age, her parents have a combined net-worth of over $400 million. Suri’s wardrobe alone, however, is said to be worth over $3 million dollars. Yep!



One of Jlo’s instagram posts with her twins

EMME AND MAX ANTHONY – Net worth not defined

Emme and Max Anthony are the 8-year old twins of international pop superstars Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. The first photos of the kids were sold to People Magazine for a whopping $6 million -a new record for celebrity baby photos. The kids then also appeared in a Gucci kids campaign when they were only 2 years old. Their Godfather – none other than Tom Cruise – threw the twins a $200,000 party when they were born. The twins have already become social media sensations through JLo’s instagram. While Marc Anthony is worth a cool $20 million, JLo has been one of the most successful solo pop-star’s for almost 20 years, and is worth well over $300 million dollars.


Moulay Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco The Crown Prince of Morocco Turns 12 The Royal (source – The Royal Forum)

Moulay Hassan, Crown Prince of Morocco The Crown Prince of Morocco Turns 12 The Royal (source – Hello Magazine)

MOULAY HASSAN – Net worth $1 billion

13 year old Moulay Hassan is the Crown Prince of Morocco and first in line to the throne. He’s the oldest son of King Mohammed VI, who is also an eminent businessman in Morocco. His business holdings are too many to list, but his family controls one of the world’s largest fortunes. King Mohammed himself is estimated to be worth $3 billion approximately. Muleh has been making public appearances since 2015, when he started showing up alongside his father at official engagements. The future King of Morocco who will rule as Hassan III when he takes the throne is barely a teenager, but he’s already said to be worth $1 billion.


Prince george waves at an audience alongside his father – (Source – CNN)

Prince george waves at an audience alongside his father – (Source – CNN)

PRINCE GEORGE – Net worth $3 billion; PRINCESS CHARLOTTE – Net worth $5 billion

The wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, to Kate Middleton in 2011 was one of the biggest media events of the decade. Nearly 300 million people worldwide watched the event on television. The photogenic couple’s 2 children- Prince George and Princess Charlotte – were just as eagerly awaited by the media. 3-year old George and 1-year old Charlotte were absolutely fawned over by the press in 2016. The royal toddlers are a bundle of cuteness, and are in the habit of stealing the show whenever they are out in public. Altogether, the royal family has a combined net-worth of $87 billion dollars, with little Prince George said to be worth over $3 billion all on his own. If you reckon that’s a lot, then remember Princess Charlotte is worth even more. She may still be trying to master walking and talking, but her $5 billion dollar net worth would make most Hollywood moguls and CEOs blush.



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